Isn’t the naturalness of a product the best ecological feature? That is why at Schoeller we place particular emphasis on an environmentally friendly production. The Bluesign certification is the award for these thoughts and ways of acting in business.


This certification guarantees the highest possible exclusion of damaging substances as well as ensuring the highest quality and functionality. Bluesign is a sign that the worldwide strict EHS criteria (consumer protection, water emissions, air emissions, industrial health and safety, resource efficiency) are being kept to.


The bluesign® approved fabric label designates textiles that were produced in compliance with especially high environmental standards. It guarantees maximum freedom from harmful substances, highest quality and functionality. The label is a sign that follows the most stringent EHS-criteria (consumer safety, water emission, air emission, occupational health and safety, resource productivity) worldwide.

The bluesign® standard takes a different approach. Instead of analysing final products, it starts at the beginning of the manufacturing chain, at the inputs. All input streams are assessed. They receive a rating based on their ecotoxicological profile (Input Stream Management). bluesign® stands for textiles low on harmful substances, an environmentally-friendly production and a cautious use of resources. Hangtags available.