Intelligent yarns for intelligent materials.

With the industrial technical yarns we are seen as one of the market leaders worldwide in a highly specialised market. Our high-tech yarns are successfully used all over the world and with our global distribution network we can make deliveries to our customers quickly and flexibly.

With the most up-to-date production technology we can carry out all the steps in the spinning processes DREF2000, DREF3 and in the worsted yarn spinning process at our plant – from the fibre to the finished yarn.

We set high standards with our quality demands: the complete production process is carried out according to ISO 9001.

Kevlar stretch-broken yarn is five times more resilient than steel and is extremely heat-proof and cut resistant. At the same time Kevlar® is even five times stronger* than steel with a weight five times less. The high-performance fibres are stretched to a staple length of 90 mm and spun out into fine yarn counts (up to Nm 120) using the traditional worsted process.


very comfortable to wear because

• soft to the touch
• low hairiness
• extremely light weight

Areas of application:

• protection against fire: fire services,
   industry, military
• protection against heat: fire services,
• protection against cutting: industry
• protection against abrasion

 As sewing thread:

• protective clothing
• filters
• industrial textiles
• conveyor belts
• seals

As insulation:

• aeroplanes
• turbines
• engines

As reinforcement:

• socks
• other clothing items


• yarn counts: Nm 28/-120 (8-35 tex)
• colours: natural (yellow)
• own colours: available according to dye sizes
• dye sizes: approx. 45, 100, 200, 500 kg
• nozzle colours: black, blue, green, orange (from 500 kg)
• conical bobbins: 6″ electronically cleaned