Optimal performance for textiles

Schoeller uses only the best fibres for its technical long-staple yarns, e.g. the preoxidized polyacryl fibre Panox®. Extremely high performance fibres and their blends are the basis for high-tech yarns with optimal performance for use in textile applications. Additional advantage: particularly economical.


• high melting temperature
• thermally heat resistant
• versatile and comfortable
• high strength
• comfortable to wear
• available at all times
• economical

Areas of application:

• for insulating
• seals
• belts and for all types of protective



70 % Panox®  +  30 % Kevlar®

High performance against heat, cutting and abrasion


Areas of application:

• protection against fire
• protection against heat
• protection against cutting
• protection against abrasion

As sewing thread:

• protective clothing
• filters
• industrial textiles
• conveyor belts
• seals

As insulation:

• aeroplanes
• turbines
• engines

As reinforcement:

• socks
• other clothing items


• yarn counts: Nm 10/-80 (12.5-100 tex)
• colours: green and black
• conical bobbins: 6″ electronically cleaned
• stock program: Nm 14/2, Nm 36/2



100 % Nomex®

Optimal performance for textiles

NOMEX® is the meta-aramid fibre from DuPont. Schoeller uses only long-staple fibres and the yarns are spun on compact spinning frames. This process gives the yarn an outstanding lustre and a low hairiness. NOMEX® is a DuPont registered trademark.


• permanently flame retardant
• self-extinguishing, does not melt or drip
• low thermal conductivity
• high strength, low weight
• resistant to chemicals
• low hairiness
• high lustre
• high color fastness to light
• optimal protection and comfort


• fire services
• industrial protective clothing
• protective clothing for motor sports
• military applications
• aerospace
• sewing thread


• stock program in raw white: Nm 40/3, Nm 60/2, Nm 70/3, Nm 80/2