With the finest high-grade steel fibres

The secret lies in the blends specific to Schoeller: long-staple fibres are blended with stainless steel fibres The high-quality steel fibre is considerably thinner than a human hair and produces a constant electrostatic and/or electromagnetic screening property in the textiles.


• permanent antistatic effect
• antistatic clothing with protection
   against explosions


• fire services
• industry
• military

As a protection for electronic components:

• electronics industry

Clean room:

• semiconductor technology
• aerospace technology
• food technology
• life sciences

For screening:

• radiation protective clothing
• radiation protective home textiles
   curtains, wallpapers,
• accessories e.g. telephone pouches
• data communication “intelligent
   clothing”: clothing with integrated
   electronics, textile switches
• heating: heated clothing
• permanent anti-static effect

Product examples:

S-Shield PES 80 % polyester | 20 % Inox, stainless steel