Highly functional Merino wool in brilliant cotton colors and bright white

Merino wool is very popular for use in socks, functional wear and outdoor clothing, and is celebrated for its quality, comfort and versatility. But, until now, it has had one major disadvantage in comparison to synthetic fibers and cotton – its lack of brilliant colors.

Thanks to Enciel by Schoeller, the spectrum of bright colors available for Merino wool is now significantly broader. This groundbreaking technology brings new brilliance and color to the wool. Whether you’re looking for bold colors that are usually only available in cotton or fantastic white – Enciel is the solution, and is paving the way for new design ideas featuring eye-catching color combinations, maritime stripes, vibrant socks and highly functional seamless shirts.

The color fastness and wash durability of Schoeller’s products are outstanding. The highly innovative EXP process enables environmentally friendly washing and ensures that Enciel products are easy to care for, while also bringing out the brilliance of the colors. All yarns and colors shown here are bluesign® certified.


• A new range of brilliant wool colors
• In line with current fashion trend for bright colors
• Merino becomes colorful for the
   summer season
• Merino wool now available in
   brilliant white
• Can be blended with synthetic fibers
• Excellent color fastness and wash
• The touch of the wool is not affected
• bluesign® certified
• Machine-washable thanks to EXP

Brilliant white

Schoeller‘s new Enciel technology now makes it possible to produce Merino wool in stunningly pure white. The white dyes available on the market to date result in tones that are considerably more yellow and dull than the new Enciel white. This new dyeing technology makes this familiar drawback of wool a thing of the past, considerably broadening the scope of use and design possibilities of this highly functional fiber.


80% Merino Wool
(machine-washable EXP)
20% Polyamide
Nm 85/1 S + Z

80% Merino Wool
(machine-washable EXP)
20% Polyamide
Nm 28/1

100% Merino Wool
(machine-washable EXP)
Nm 40/1



 Enciel colours in merino wool