Welcome to the fascinating world of yarns


Let's spin together

The Schoeller Spinning Group is a global supplier of yarns with a particular focus on worsted yarn. We offer a large range of products and we work in close collaboration with our customers. We firmly believe that spinning together will yield the best solutions. 

Intelligent yarns

The quality of textiles for fashion, sports and technical fields of application is essentially depending on the quality of the primary material used  - the yarn. Our product mix policy is concentrated on the perceived high value of the products and on functionality. With our innovative developments, we - and our customers together with us - are on the cutting edge of any new trend.

Environmental innovations

We strictly observe ecological guidelines along the complete production and procurement chain. In our laboratories we continuously try to develop and optimize processes and products. In addition, we also offer yarns with the G.O.T.S certificate and we are the first worsted yarn spinning mill to have been awarded the comprehensive 'bluesign' label.

High satisfaction with our products and our service

Let yourself be enmeshed … by the reliable supply service, a range always available from stock that will satisfy even short-term demands and, of course, our broad spectrum of innovative Schoeller yarns. We are always at your disposal to help you in the implementation of your ideas and the reaching of your goals. Our mutual success will be sustainable and lasting and will secure the future of the companies and the jobs.


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